Pack, People, Tribe

I was commenting on a post by Pat on Facebook this morning, about a book she was currently reading, which I had read several years ago, Women Who Run With Wolves. After our comments, I started thinking about my own wolf pack, and that had me thinking, I have many different groups of people in my life, people who truly defined who I am today. And some are my wolf pack, some are my people, and some are my tribe. And of course, some cross over these labels.

As someone who hates being labeled, I chuckled at my intent to describe and sort my friends. Remember, some of you fall into many of these groups, so am I still labeling you? Haha! Dilemma that I am ready to let go of, at least for today.

So which of you are a part of my wolf pack? When I think of wolf packs, I think of family and extended family. After all, that is how a pack is created, through familial lines. And so, those of you who have been with me from my early childhood, my sisters and brothers, neighbor sisters and brothers, and earliest friends, I consider you my pack. I am so Blessed that, as I began the process of moving away from my role as full time “Mom,” you were there for me, and I found myself moving back into the “Jill” of my early years. Today you don’t “shape me,” as much as you help me remember my roots and who I truly was before life got so complicated. You are helping me remember a simpler way, and I very much love my wolf pack!

My Tribe


My TribeAnd then there are my people. I will always vividly recall a trip to Italy, arriving at our beautiful Tuscan villa and literally bumping the stone wall as we “coasted” the rental minivan into a tight parking space. Patti jumped out of the car as the villa hosts came out to greet us, saying to them in clear, distinct (so as to overcome any language barrier) English, “Hello, I am Patti, and these are My People!” And that silly, weary night, I found my people. My people include those of you who were there for me during career ups and downs, parenting ups and downs, sibling ups and downs, and relationship ups and downs. You helped me find balance in a constantly changing and challenging time of my life, and I am so very thankful for you. I love my people!


My People

Finally, there is my tribe. That is such a huge group of friends! We met up at all stages of my life, bound together by a common vision: seeking and offering peace, love, and compassion. Learning how to overcome obstacles through grace and with dignity. Always searching for ways to tap into our deepest potential. To know ourselves better. To do the hard work that will bring us peace of mind and heart. We see each other and recognize the individual journey each of us has traveled to get to this point, and we respect that. This group includes the lovely people who share their yoga mats with me, but is not exclusive to them. For every person who has shared a little piece of your heart with me by sharing your story, you are automatically a part of my tribe. We support each other through words and actions, and sometimes just being present is the best gift we can give each other. I love my tribe!


My Tribe

My Tribe

I can’t imagine not having my pack. I can’t imagine not having my people. I can’t imagine not having my tribe. Having each of you in my life makes it complete.

Love you all.

Jill/ Chilla