I just wanted to let you know that I had a panic attack yesterday afternoon. I used the technique we used in Yoga to shake out the anxiety and I feel much better today.

I have had anxiety since I was 17 and this has been the best thing to help me while having an attack. All of things that you teach us has really been beneficial in my life.

I just wanted to say Thank you and that I appreciate you and what you do.

P- June 2019


I have been seeing Jill for private yoga lessons for well over a year.  My time with Jill in these sessions is priceless and cherished. The type of work I do with long hours and repetitive motions over time has caused stress and strain on my body. With Jill’s intuitive nature she  knows what I need to clear, open and strengthen body, mind and spirit. Jill is a gifted yogi and healer.



It has taken me some time to email you since I came to you for the Dharmic Living session. I was taking my time noticing each day how I felt and… I can honestly say my anxiety is gone. I don’t know why, because I believe in all that you teach, but I am shocked and I could not find any words to relay them to you. Speechless. In awe. I listened to and read all of your information about the session, but what I wonder is why you don’t just say “I am a healer.” – “Come to me and I will heal you.”



Calm Body, Calm Mind Workshop with Jill Sand Consulting

~Very good and helpful.

~Great relaxing hour.

~This session was very enjoyable.

~Good information, very relaxing workshop.  This info can help to calm kids and show them how to calm down.

~I love this.  You should have it for every training opportunity.

~Very nice presentation, very calming.  Good handouts and techniques.  Thanks so much.

~I learned a couple of techniques I want to try with my students.

~This was just what I needed.  It’s going to help me.  We should have something like this more often.

~Good information to learn.  Offer it more often.


Jill I am so inspired by you! You are such a jewel to have found after you quit teaching. I am thankful to have found you.

– Sue M


Congrats Jill On yet another adventure……you are quite an inspiration! Really enjoyed reading your blog, your thoughts and look forward to more!

– Barb S


I wish you the best of luck with your new venture of a Women’s Circle.  If there was a way to join it via internet and email, I sure would! I loved reading your inspirational thoughts and your blog.
Your web site is very impressive and professionally done. I am amazed at what talented people like you can do!!

– Terry J