Looking for some virtual classes this fall?

Jill Sand Consulting offers three types of virtual classes: Facebook Live, YouTube link, and JSC Video on Demand (coming in January, 2022). So what’s the difference?

Facebook Live: An interactive class conducted in real time. You can join us during the scheduled Monday morning 8am class time, or take the class at your convenience throughout the week. The class is taken down before the new Live class is held.

YouTube Link: For those not on Facebook, Jill will send you the link to the weekly Live recorded classes.

JSC Yoga on Demand: A virtual library of recorded classes available 24/7. These classes can be taken anytime at your convenience. The classes will come from our library of recorded classes from 2020. Currently, we plan to offer this January 1 – February 13, 2022. If it is popular, we will continue it.

Live-Stream Classes

These classes are live on Monday mornings. You must sign up for them in order to receive a Facebook link and participate in class, You have access to the class all week, until a new Live class is added. Our yogis often greet one another before and after class, so there is a little interaction with others and Jill with this option. These classes are a great way to stay connected and get the feel of an in-studio class at home.

Virtual Facebook Live and YouTube Link Pricing

Single Virtual Facebook Live and YouTube Link Class Pricing: $18 for a drop in class

Virtual Facebook Live and YouTube Link Membership: $15/class package, same as the regular in-studio classes

JSC Yoga on Demand

Watch anytime, anywhere, on any device. I am building our library from our 2020 virtual classes. These classes are available to you 24/7. Simply log in to your account, click on the JSC Yoga on Demand tab where you will be asked to login again and choose which class you want to watch. Click play and go!

JSC Yoga on Demand Pricing

J-Term Pass for January 1 – February 13, 2022 JSC Yoga on Demand: $35

JSC Online Wellness Yoga Videos

JSC Online Wellness Yoga is for every body, every age, every gender, and at any time you wish to practice.

Research has told us that daily exercise is needed to build and maintain good health. Whether you want to increase your flexibility, calm your mind, build up your strength, or build up your sense of Self, JSC Online Yoga Wellness is meant for you. Physically, yoga has been shown to improve flexibility, balance and posture; increase muscle strength; and strengthen bones. If you have health issues, like inflammation, weakened immune system, cancer, type 2 diabetes, and cardiovascular disease, JSC Online Yoga is meant for you. If you have mental or emotional issues, like stress, depression, and anxiety, JSC Online Yoga Wellness is meant for you!

Practice anywhere, anytime, with these short yoga clips designed at different levels of yoga experience, flexibility and strength.

While exercising three times a week for over 60 minutes is optimal, the other 4 days should not be neglected! You don’t need to work out for hours every day, but even 10-30 minutes on your off-day is beneficial for most people. And if you haven’t started a workout routine, the perfect place to start is 10-30 minutes a day!

JSC Online Wellness Yoga offers different levels of subscriptions for viewing these videos.

FREE Subscription – included in these videos are your basic half series and sun salutations series. You’ll also have access to non-cued JSC Videos to watch and practice on your own. These videos are meant to inspire you in your daily practice!

Introductory Subscription (One Month of Videos) Option – For just $10, you will have access to all of my cued JSC Online Videos! These videos range from 3-15 minutes, and you can access them at any time of day or night, for your convenience, during the month-long period that you subscribe. Also included are JSC Online Meditations and JSC Online Inspirational Videos!

Full Subscription (Ongoing Videos) Option – For just a $5 recurring monthly payment, you will have access to all my cued JSC Online Videos, JSC Meditations, and JSC Inspirational Videos. You will also have access to new videos being added each month!

The JSC Online Wellness Yoga Introductory and Full Subscription Videos are divided into several categories, from which you can choose. You will have access to all categories. These categories are: Yoga Stretching, Basic Yoga Poses, Advanced Yoga Poses, Meditation, and Inspiration.

Subscribing to these videos is easy. Just click on the subscribe link, and it will bring you to a page for you to determine which option works best for you! Seriously, is $5 a month too much to pay for endless opportunities to practice yoga, meditate, or be inspired?

Finding time for yoga should not be complicated! And my intention is to make yoga even more accessible for all body types and all ages and gender.

Stream your JSC Online Wellness Yoga practice today!

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