Membership Levels

  • FREE Subscription – included in these videos are your basic half series and sun salutations series. You’ll also have access to non-cued JSC Videos to watch and practice on your own. These videos are meant to inspire you in your daily practice!
  • Introductory Subscription (One Month of Videos) Option – For just $10, you will have access to all of my cued JSC Online Videos! These videos range from 3-15 minutes, and you can access them at any time of day or night, for your convenience, during the month-long period that you subscribe. Also included are JSC Online Meditations and JSC Online Inspirational Videos!
  • Full Subscription (Ongoing Videos) Option – For just a $5 recurring monthly payment, you will have access to all my cued JSC Online Videos, JSC Meditations, and JSC Inspirational Videos. You will also have access to new videos being added each month!

The JSC Online Wellness Yoga Introductory Videos are divided into several categories, from which you can choose. You will have access to all categories. These categories are: Yoga Stretching, Basic Yoga Poses, Advanced Yoga Poses, Meditation, and Inspiration.

Level Price  
Free Subscription (Ongoing) Free. Select
Introductory Subscription (Single Month) $10.00 now.
Membership expires after 1 Month.
Full Subscription (Ongoing) $5.00 per Month. Select

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