A Productive Saturday!

Whew! Accomplished a lot today! Started the day off with taxes. Looks like we get a little back from Fed and have to pay into State again. We gotta change those W-2s. I want to let them sit until I get back, and then I will complete them and send them in. I sure wish Jeff would do these things.

Took a little drive to Shakopee to get my phone converted to the international phone for my trip, and then we cruised along the Minnesota River. Man, it has gone up 2-3 feet since last night. The sign that we used as a marker will probably be under water tomorrow.

Finally, came home and started to pack. I think my little 21 inch luggage bag is going to hold everything! I haven’t pulled the tags yet, just in case. LOL

It won’t be long now. We are at T minus 3 days. (Is that how the astronauts say that? Haha) I truly cannot think of anything we haven’t covered.

Excited, excited, excited!!!!!!

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