Dream Analysis

Have you ever woken up and thought, man, was THAT a weird dream? I had one last night. I dreamt that my husband had fixed a door in the house, because we were doing remodeling, and he replaced one of our doors with a smaller door that didn’t fit so it remained open all night. Because of this, while we were sleeping, a bunch of cats got into the house. So I spent several attempts trying to get the cats out of the house, but they would continue to come in. There were kitties and a couple of big cats. One of the cats got killed because one of the construction guys decided that he would get rid of the cat once and for all by drowning it! 🙁 So I was really upset by that as well.

Cats are not a good omen, according to my Dream dictionary! They spell deceit and can mean that your lover is unfaithful. If you kill one, it can mean you’ll fall in bad company. However, if you chase one away, it can mean you get a surprise of good luck. I was chasing several away, so that must be a good thing! Also, a kitten is a sign of a pleasant flirtation.

Hmmm, what a combo! Well, I am not worried about Jeff being unfaithful. And I wasn’t the one who killed the cat, nor do I put myself in the company of people with bad energy, so I will disregard that one. But the chasing the cats away was really what the dream was about, trying to get them out of the house, so it looks like good luck is on the way. The kitties as a sign of flirtation? Well, there is no doubt that I am a flirt!

I also looked up door, and it says an open door and your hopes will soon be realized.

So today I will allow thoughts of good luck coming my way (maybe that check is in the mail), and I already know that my hopes will soon be realized. I feel it in my heart!

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