Say the Word

This weekend, my friend and I were working on a sewing project. As we were moving along through the project, it became apparent to us that we had underestimated the number of items we were making. As we laughed about it, I said, “Well, we can sell the left overs. You can make some money for your time.” And so a cottage industry was born.

That’s how life works, in my experience. You just are moving along, and voilĂ , life throws a shift in your direction and you just flow with it.

After this past week, with me first being ordained as a minister through the Universal Life Church and later making my own drum, some people were commenting how interesting my life is. The reason this is so, is because I try to stay present, in the moment. When we are in themoment, and things come up (“Will you marry my partner and me?” “Let’s get a guy in to help us make drums.”), you are likely, in the moment, to say, “Yes.”

Jill Sand Consulting started that way. A friend opened a fitness club and asked if I would take a yoga class and consider being a yoga teacher for them. I said, “Yes,” even though I had no intentions of being a yoga teacher at that time. People have asked for retreats, both here and far away, and I have said, “Yes.” And so they occurred. The women’s circles started because people were curious, like me, about certain topics, so I did the research and facilitated the discussion. I said, “Yes.”

Making changes in our lives comes from saying, “Yes.” If you want your life to remain stagnant, just keep saying, “No.”


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