Spring and New Beginnings!

Wow, it looks like it has been awhile since my last blog. Okay, I guess that is the winter hibernation that kicks in for me each year. But these past few days, with sunshine and some warmer weather, I have emerged from that quiet place of retrospection and am feeling that wonderful awakening that spring brings us!

With this sense of beginning anew, I come back to my website and my blogs to pick up where I left off. And there is so much to share, where to begin?

Probably most important on my mind today is the trip I am taking with my girlfriends Dianne and Libby. We are traveling to Europe, visiting Paris, Toulouse, and Provence in France, and then on to Barcelona, Spain. The count down is on, and I am both excited and nervous at the same time. I am mostly nervous about my digestive system, which can act up with a change in my routine (stress) or my diet (French food). Got my Rx just in case I have a flare-up!

But I am mostly excited! I really enjoy traveling with my girlfriends. It’s great because we are all part of the planning process. Being the one who needs to organize, I have written up our itinerary, and let me tell you, BUSY is an understatement. Paris will be jam-packed with museums and walking tours. (Ladies, we WILL lose weight in Paris!) Toulouse and Provence will be about day trips, traveling around with our friends, Amy and Larry. Barcelona will be the place to wind down with a Flamenco show and possibly a boat tour! And of course, the food!! Libby has been scouting out great places to eat, and we have reservations in some highly recommended restaurants. Yum!

Dianne and I are planning to do a bit of yoga, at least for the cameras. 🙂 Hopefully you will see some warriors in various French and Spanish touristy places. Haha! Pictures to follow.

So much planning already completed, now it is on to the packing! What makes this difficult is that there will be about a ten degree weather change from Paris to Toulouse, and perhaps more when we get to Barcelona. Short sleeves? Maybe a couple. Long sleeves? Probably a few. Sweaters? A couple. Jacket? One or two. Scarves? All of them!! LOL I purchased a new suitcase, as my other one has taken a beating over the past several trips. I bought a 21 inch bag… I kept the tags on, in case I need to upgrade. Yikes!

So very excited about this trip! And to those of you who also find yourselves traveling this spring, happy trails to you, till we meet again!

Hugs to you!

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