The Transformation in 2019

As I was meditating this morning, my mind was swirling around an idea that had come to me in other meditations but had not formulated into a complete thought. It was as if the gift of the completion of the thought was not meant to come to me… yet. But this morning, there was much more clarity. I guess if you specifically ask for clarity, you will get it. Novel idea! I should remember to do that more often, as I tend to love chewing on half thoughts, all the while, there is the rest of the idea out there, just waiting for me to pick it up. But I digress.

As we approach the end of 2018, we can say with a certain amount of clarity, while maybe limited by our current belief systems, that 2018 opened doors for many people. In fact, in numerology, the doorway is formed by the number l l, which is what 2018 is. As interpreted through numerology: 2+0+1+8=11. 11 is represented by l l, which creates a doorway, or as those of us with a deeper understanding of the significance of doorways knows, they are a portal.

Portals are doorways that let the Light shine through. In the metaphysical world, the Light is considered Spirit or Soul or Source (God). Everyone’s interpretation of Light is different, but I call it your faith system, whatever that might be. If you are atheist, that means the “good” side of you.

Now, we understand that 2018 felt like it created a lot of separateness. We saw it in our politics and elections. We saw it between the wealthy and the working class. We saw it between countrymen and women. This separateness is in part because of the shift of energies. Some of us experienced pure moments of JOY energy, so much JOY that our hearts burst with happiness. (I will add that these moments came briefly and maybe sporadically, and that was because we are living in a duality world right now. So while we feel the Higher energies, we are also influenced by the lower energies. In fact, the duality of our world is part of this separateness as well. But that is not part of this discussion today.)

So we might agree that there is duality and separateness right now. We might agree that we experienced the portal of Light energy in 2018, even if it were just for moments at a time. So what is in store for 2019?

A few months ago, my guides started mentioning “forgiveness.” Deep forgiveness. Not only for others who may have let us down or even crushed us, but, most importantly, for ourselves. So, those of us who have been doing the work so far know that we have our hearts wide open, and now it is time for the work of forgiveness. That makes so much sense! 2019 is going to offer us so many opportunities to forgive ourselves. It feels playful. It feels like we will learn to play during these lessons of forgiveness. I think that’s because deep forgiveness is such a heavy-hearted activity, that our guides recognize we need incorporate play into that part of our healing. I am very thankful for that message!

Now I would think that forgiveness is a pretty big task in itself, but about a month or so ago, I started getting another message aboutĀ  2019. It revealed an even bigger shift. Those of us who work with positive affirmations and do some of the highly spiritual work often use the terms, “I Am.” For instance, I am peace. I am love. I am joy. Etc. They serve as a compass for our day, taking us in the direction we wish to go. I have used these terms for years, and they felt so good! They still do! But I am being guided that these terms are no longer serving us, as they keep us separate, and the transformation we will see in 2019 is all about seeing our connection to one another. So in my meditations, I have been asking for clarification. Is it “we are” that we should be saying now? That still feels separate. Because if there is a “we,” there is a “they.”

Let’s look at the numerology of the the year 2019. 2+0+1+9=12. 12 is a completion year. In numerology, 12 comes at the end of the cycle of numbers, and it signifies a wrapping up of life situations in preparation for bigger and better things. 12 can be reduced to 3 (1+2=3). 3 reminds us that we are a part of the Divine, that we are spiritual beings have a human experience. This all makes sense, as we transition from “I Am” to something more universal, like Oneness.

So the message that I am receiving right now, that is intended to be shared, is that the 2019 year of transformation is completion through forgiveness, but keeping ourselves playful in the process. We will begin to see ourselves connected, not separate. For those of us who spend a lot of timeĀ  in the Higher energies, being playful will help us navigate around others who are stuck in more dense energies. It will help them also shift into Higher energies, but it is not our job to assist them. We are meant to continue holding the Light as a beacon for them. There will be a lot of people shifting this year, so know that it is all Divine timing. We will also see ourselves coming together as One, as part of the transformation. I had a glimmer of that this morning, but as I try to type it out, it escapes me. It’s timing isn’t ready, but understand that it is a beautiful thing. Once it is ready to be shared, I will bring it to you. Stay tuned.

In peace, love and joy,