The Weight of the World

I must be carrying the weight of the world on my back today, as I am feeling some very tight muscles right between my shoulder blades in my mid back. As a yoga teacher and intuitve person, I recognize that my physical body takes on my emotional and mental state. This week, of course, is a big one, with a women’s wellness retreat coming up tomorrow morning. And while I am very happy that I am only responsible for a yoga class, breakfast, and coordinating the rest of the day, I gotta admit that it causes stress, especially as I am always sure I will forget something.

Today I hope to work out the kinks in my back during my two morning yoga classes, and I also have acupuncture this afternoon, if I don’t quite reach those kinks. But I know that, after tomorrow is over, the kinks will magically dissolve (or resolve?) themselves.

Namaste and have a great weekend! I know I will. 🙂

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