Update on Eating More to Lose Weight

So my goal this week was to keep track of the foods I am eating and count calories, trying to add foods to balance out my activity of teaching yoga. So far I have gained 2 pounds! Not a step in the right direction, but I will continue to add calories because I know that my body is reacting to the amount of food and protein increase. I am needing some stabilization.

But another interesting aspect from my diet change occurred yesterday. After teaching 3 classes, I went to visit a new friend’s store in downtown Shakopee, The Wave. She and her partner sell Herbilife products, and I thought that might be a good way for me to boost my protein. When you first come in, you get a free sample of a digestive cleanse, an herbal tea, and then a herbal shake which you can add whatever nutrients your body craves.

I wanted to add protein and a muscle builder to mine, since I was concerned about muscle loss. The shake was very tasty, though I didn’t have much to say about the digestive cleanse or the tea.

But here is the interesting thing: a couple hours afterward, I started spotting, like getting a period. What’s interesting about that is I haven’t had a period for over 4 years. I spotted a bit through the evening, but this morning there was no more spotting. So now I am questioning what caused me to spot. Was it the digestive cleanse, the tea, or the protein shake?

Last night I was leaning heavily toward to shake, but this morning, I am wondering more about the digestive cleanse. Hmmm… so strange. As i told Jeff last night, I definitely don’t want to have periods again. LOL I truly thought I might be done with them, though I know that I have experienced the symptoms of my ovary producing an egg every few months.

The Wave is open again on Monday, so I will be going in to buy another shake and see if it produces more spotting. I will avoid the cleanse. I ahve some tea left, and I thought  could finish it today and see what that does. (However, I hardly drank any yesterday, so I am pretty sure it can be ruled out.)

If anyone knows of a relationship between too much protein and periods, let me know. It is quite perplexing…

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