Back to School

Today, for the sixth year, my teacher friends will be going back to school for workshop week, and I will not be doing so. It’s funny, I still have that beginning of the school year feeling, though I have to admit, I slept well last night. But back-to-school always contains an energy that is exciting and refreshing, and a bit daunting too. There is “newness” that starts off each school year, but there is also a familiarity with routine that is ingrained in every teacher who has been at it awhile.

Do I miss it? Not very much, anymore. The aspects I miss are the kids and the staff comraderie. But the rest truly burnt me out. You can only give 200% every day and receive back maybe 50% for so long, and then you get depleted. At some point, when you cannot get your energy back over the summer, you recognize that it’s time to quit. At least it was that way for me.

It took me a couple years to feel like I had my energy fully back.

Today I honor my teacher and school staff friends for the work they do with children. I know that they will give all their energy into helping each child achieve the most they are capable of achieving.

Namaste (the Peace in my heart recognizes the Peace in your heart)!

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