Changing Beliefs and Values

This morning I’m thinking about how hard it must be to be a politician. I know, we are all so tired of the political ads and promises and flip-flops and attacks on the opponent, it’s hard to feel bad for any of them. And yet, we hold them under such scrutiny. We delve into their private lives so completely, and when we find their flaws, we expose them and run a knife over them to make them bleed even more.

Politicians are people too. Sometimes we forget that. And like us, many of their beliefs and ideals have changed over the years. I would expect that from everyone, as a sign of personal growth, and so why would I not expect that from politicians? And yet the media and the “other side” is quick to point out those differences.

Now, I am talking about change over time and experiences. Not pandering. Pandering to their audience is different. That is when you say one thing to one audience because that is what they want to hear, and then you say the complete opposite to another audience because that is what they want to hear. I have no time for those politicians. To me, they are selling out. If they cannot hold to their convictions, how can I expect them to do so under the pressure of making big decisions in Congress or as president?

One of the promises President Obama made before he became president was that he would get us out of Iraq and Afghanistan. I am very disappointed that we are in Afghanistan still. But I have to counter my own disappointment with the idea that I am not aware of all the facts that are keeping us in Afghanistan until 2014. I imagine that President Obama was not aware of some of these facts either, until after taking office. Even in this day of information at our fingertips, I still think that there are secrets taht our government won’t share with the American people, and I think that is okay. If these secrets are meant to keep our country safe, then I am okay with leaving the big decisions up to the experts.

The countdown is on, until we are through with political ads, at least for about a year. Sigh. But I just want to point out that politicians should be allowed to change their beliefs and views over time. My own beliefs and views have changed. Have yours?

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