Journey Through Life

There are many people struggling right now. Sickness. Death. Loneliness. Fear. Separation. The list goes on. There are many voices crying out the eternal question, “Why?” Today I share my perspective.

From my perspective, and for you to understand my point, one must first believe that we are spiritual beings having a human experience. So this human body thing is TEMPORARY. This is not who we are, not by a long shot, because who we are is much greater than all of this. These people in our lives are present to offer us the lessons we came to Earth to experience. Our original Soul lives in a place some refer to as Heaven, when we are not in a physical three dimensional body. We have incarnated into many physical bodies before this time, but our original Soul remains the same. Each time we incarnate, it is to learn some very important lessons.

Not all Souls choose to come to Earth (or any other inhabitable planet. I don’t think we are alone.). Some stay in that place called Heaven and assist those of us here. They are our guides or guardian angels. We also have loved ones who have passed who assist us.

So because we are all spiritual beings having a human experience, looking to learn lessons, we can view our hardships as those lessons. Some people will coast through life with very few hard lessons. They may have chosen, this time around, to have an easy experience. Their past life was probably very difficult, and they want to experience a joyful life. But most of us have some hard lessons ahead or behind or right now. We came here to experience those lessons.

You see, in that place called Heaven, we experience only the most loving feelings. Our hearts are joyful. There is no pain. You will have to trust me on this. I know. I have been there and back. it is THE BEST feeling you will ever have. Even better than your wedding day, the day you gave birth to your children, or the day you held your grandchildren. It’s that good. And then better.

So we come here to live out life lessons.

Now, this time on earth is extremely important as well. There has been much said about the Mayan calendar and the end of the world scenerios, mostly doomsday predictions. If you are a believer of doomsday, I am going to tell you, it isn’t happening like that. “Doomsday” is what we are experiencing right now. We are in it. It’s the tsunamis and earthquakes that take thousands upon thousands of lives within a single event. Doomsday is 9/11 and Waco and Oklahoma City Bombing. We are actually living in doomsday: sickness, death, loneliness, fear, and ┬áseparation. And guess what, though it does cause us some pain, for some of us, we are living in extreme pain right now, but it is no more than we can handle. Am I right? If we stop, in the middle of our doomsday, and take a deep breath, reflect on what we are feeling, we can say to ourselves, “I can handle THIS.” As painful as “THIS” is, we can handle it. We are handling it.

Now the tricky part. Some people actually cannot handle the pain. In their struggle to learn their life lessons, they maybe got off the path of their own recovery. They have been traveling down a path that isn’t what they wanted for themselves, before incarnating to this life. And so their Soul may decide it is time to part from this world. This was the agreement they made with God and themselves. It’s the agreement we all make. If we get too far off the path, we are going Home to Heaven. Some may take their lives. Some may die through illness or accident. But however they depart, the decision to depart was made long before they incarnated.

Most of us will follow our path. Most of us will meet our challenges and become stronger spirits because of it. We see these tragedies in our lives as making us stronger. These are our crosses to bear, just as Jesus carried his own cross. And we will also pick our time to go, after having learned the lessons we achieved to know.

In many cases, we know the difference between those who left having learned their lessons and those who left because they stepped off their path. When they pass, we say things like, “They had a hard life.” That is not judgmental. In my belief, I feel that those who are living the hard lives took on the greatest challenge. They are our warriors. We should honor them as fallen heroes in battle. They volunteered for the hardest battle, and they gave their life in their struggle to win that battle.

They walked their journey through life.


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