Channeled 12-12-12 Message

Last night I attended a Circle to hear the message of the significance of 12-12-12 and 12-21-12. I had forgotten to bring my journal, and so I will just note what I remember or how my brain assimilated the information channeled with what I already knew.

12-12-12 marks the completion of the activation of the crystals in the Earth. There were 12 cycles of activation, starting at 01-01-01, moving on to 02-02-02, etc. The crystals are important because they offer healing for our planet as well as portals of energy. There are ley lines of crystals throughout the Earth that have been activating. This is completed.

12-12-12 represents the number 9 in numerology (you add the numbers up). 9 is a completion number. It takes 9 days for this cycle to complete, hence leading up to 12-21-12. The end of the Mayan calendar. The Mayan calendar is based on a 26,000 (I think) year cycle of alignment in which our sun moves to the center of the Milky Way. At this time, the sun is also aligning with a larger sun, the name which escapes me now, and the Pleidia sun. (This is from memory, and so I have not researched it anymore yet.) This is a powerful alignment, and we have never experienced that planetary alignment, and so people are not sure what might happen from it. Additionally, after the sun enters the center of the Milky Way, it proceeds in the same direction and will go through the debri on the other side of the Milky Way. Since we have never been on the other side of the Milky Way, we don’t know how that debri will affect us. It is said to be moving in a counter rotation, and so we may experience a counter rotation of energy, for instance, when water flushes down the toilet. Some people say that rotation already began a year ago. I have not heard anything about this, so again, it is something to research.

12-21-12 marks the completion of the activation of the crystals. There is signifance with the three days around this important day. Because of the large amounts of energy and change, some people will find it easier to sleep during much of this activation. Others will feel crabby or notice crabbiness in others. We are reminded to find a quiet place where we can go and either meditate or pray or just chill out. Whatever works for you.

We will remain in this new energy after 12-21-12. Some will find it uncomfortable, and so we are reminded to center ourselves and ground ourselves if we feel dizzy, flighty, or nauseous. We are reminded that the angels and guides are there to help us navigate through the new, lighter energy.

This information was channeled through YourLifeCore Laurie Wondra.


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