Channeled Message on Changes

Greetings! There is much excitement these days about the Mars Rover that you have sent into space. You exploration of other planets is extraordinary. However we are here to caution the people of your planet. Mars cannot be “owned.”

There is a huge sense of wanting to claim something as your own on Earth. This desire has becomes stronger in recent years. You are placing value on objects and not people. We are concerned about that.

You have your legends about Atlantis, and this is what we can share about that time: the people of Atlantis created a world such as your own, but when they placed their value on objects and not people, they had taken a wrong turn in their evolution. We see this happening on Earth, and it concerns us.

Today there is a debate going on in your world about the value of your money. And yet there are still many people of your world who have none of this money and are starving to death. What should you do about that?

Some of you will say, “This is happening in another place. What can I do about that? My hands are tied.” Well, there is some truth to that, we recognize that. We see people generously donate money toward these ill strifes of the world, and then we see the organizations collecting these monies squander it, with only part of the proceeds going toward the cause. We understand your frustration with that. But it is important for you to find organizations that spend most of their proceeds on their cause.

But back to the subject at hand. We are requesting that you each make a list of your priorities in life, make a list of those people and items you value. And from this list, separate the objects from the people. We ask that you put the people at the top of the list, and the objects at the bottom of the list. We ask that you set an intention to honor the people on your list. Make them your priority. And then we ask you to begin the process of disassociating with the objects on the list.

Now some people will read into this request and think it is part of that doomsday picture your media is playing about the end of the world. This is not the case. The world is not changing. You are changing.

You are entering a time of great shifts. These shifts have already begun. In your personal evolution, you are being asked to focus on others, charity, community, and the like. You are being asked to place less value on things that can be owned, like homes, cars, and money.

We understand that you live in a world that emphasizes these things. But we want you to know, others are changing with you, and so it is not you, alone, who is being asked to reset your priorities. Everyone is being asked to do this. Everyone is changing.

Now when old belief systems fall away, there are some who resist these changes. We are working with them to transition with the changes. Some will be so resistant to the changes coming, that they will feel much pain in this transition. Physically, they will experience illnesses. Mentally and emotionally, they will suffer. Some of the resistors are already having these problems. They spend much time and money at their doctors. What they really need to do is reset their priorities. And we are working with them on that.

If you have some new aches or pains, it would do you well to pray on them. Ask for assistance in healing these areas. And you can also meditate on these issues. Listen for guidance from your angelic helpers. They will explain to you why you are having these physical or mental or emotional pains.

Jill has a loved one suffering from a foot ailment. Her feet have been a problem for her in the past, and like many of you, these old issues are returning to be dealt with on a deeper level. This time these issues are not to be treated medically, though that will offer relief. But there must also be treatment spiritually. The foot represents the path you have walked and continue to walk. If you have tread too lightly on that path, afraid to upset the path underneath you, your foot will develop problems. Do not be afraid to upset the Earth underneath you. She is stronger than all beings, as she carries everything on her. In the same way, do not be afraid of walking firmly in your life. All you believe in will not shatter from your step, as you venture onto new territory. It is time to step off the path you have treaded on so carefully. Walk along the edge of the path. Be sure-footed as you follow the path, but just walk alongside it, expanding your boundaries. The path is in sight. It is easy to step back on at the times when you are frightened, but just try walking alongside the path. See what that does for you. See what that does for your foot.

Again, we remind you that you are changing. These changes are necessary for all of Earth’s dwellers. Start making your list of priorities. Accept that the objects you own have very little significance in your lives. All your needs and wants will be met, if you have the faith of a mustard seed.

Peace be upon you.

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