Disturbing Dreams

I hate disturbing dreams. They are often so difficult to shake off.

Early this morning, I had a dream that Jeff asked me for a divorce. Now my practical mind knows this would never happen. But in my dream, I was equally surprised, which made it that much more disturbing. I tried negotiating with him, but he was not convinced. I thought perhaps there was another woman, but I didn’t see any evidence of that. In the end, I tried to accept it, but my heart was not ready to let go, and I woke up thinking that I would win him back, if I could.

Dreams seldom have the same meaning as they are portrayed, unless you really are going through the event of the dream. Since I am not, and since I feel secure in my marriage, I needed to look at the greater meaning of the dream. I called in my dream analysis websites to help me analyze my dream.

“Differentiate and prioritize things in your life.”

“Fear of being alone.”

“Time to change old habits.”

“Wondering if you made a wrong decision.”

The ones that might fit are changing old habits and priorities. I have fallen into some lazy habits this winter. I spend a lot of home time on the couch, playing card games on my laptop. I tend to feel guilty about the time wasted. I am thinking I need to make some changes in this regard. Set some boundaries for time on the computer, especially in the evening, when the family is home.

This is what I will contemplate today.

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