Garden Meditation and Inspiration!

So frustrated! I just spent an hour on a blog, and when I went to post it, my internet timed out and the entire blog was lost! Deep breathing required!

Okay, here is the short version! Jill Sand Consulting is expanding into more Women’s Wellness opportunities. My goal for 2011 has been to start a Women for Peace movement, but I have been lacking direction, with just a vision in mind. Today, I finally received my direction while I was meditating in my garden. Which leads us to the first opportunity…

Beginning on Tuesday, June 14, and continuing through the summer, either every Tuesday morning, or twice a month, interested Souls can join me for a Peace Garden Meditation. For one hour, we will work in the host’s garden in a silent meditation. Anyone who has ever spent time in a garden knows that the most inspiraitional thoughts occur while gardening. After the hour meditation, the host will offer a simple (salad or sandwich; this will not be the focus for the morning) meal as an expression of thanks for the work that was accomplished as we meditated. Discussion from the meditation will occur at this time as well. (NOTE: those gardeners who have to work during the day may be interested in starting either an evening or weekend Peace Garden Meditation. Let me know if you are interested, and I will get that started as well.) Again, there is no cost for attending the Peace Garden Meditation unless you are the host. I will host the first Peace Garden Meditation and any following, if other hosts don’t come forward.

Also, I am looking to start a non-profit group around the Women for Peace initiative. I have the vision, but I am lacking knowledge for starting a non-profit. I invite all interested Souls who also see the value of this initiative to join me, and if you have had any experience in non-profit work, including the legal aspects, you are encouraged to join us! This will be spear-headed this summer, with an informational/brainstorming session on the Summer Solstice, Tuesday, June 21st, at 7:45 PM, following the Outdoor Yoga class. Please let me know if you are inspired to be part of this group!

Finally, I have been encouraged to offer another Women’s Retreat. The date has been set forSaturday, July 16. I am still waiting for divine guidance on the purpose for this retreat. Yoga? Meditation? Peace work? Guest speakers? I’m not really sure, but some of you have been asking about this, so if YOU are getting some divine inspiration about a retreat, please let me know! I am willing to do the work. Just waiting for the vision.

An email will be sent out soon with all this same information.

Shanti (peace)!

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