Healing Energy

My friend, Laurie Wondra, who channels messages from the angels and guides, put out this prayer that was given to her by the masters. It is used to provide heaing for those who are suffering right now.

I’ve put the call out for you my dear _______ and I’m requesting big help.

I ask that Archangel Raphael, Ishtar, Saint John of God, Saint Therese, Saint Padre Pio, Yoganda, Vywamus and Jesus, and all other powers that be of the divine light send their love, their energy, their healing to you this moment, this day and that they hold you in their healing light. I request that they continue to remain at your side until your healing is complete, you are healthy and there are no remnants of errant cells within your body. May you be in held in their healing light and love from the etheric planes.

I ask now that all lightworkers and healers of this earthly plane also direct their love, light and healing energy to you. May we hold you in the light and support you dear _______. I ask that this wave of healing energy be sent to you now, this moment, and during this time, and for as long as you need our assistance. I speak with the voice representing that of an army of lightworkers and healers – We love you. Much love and light.

Please share…. as requested by the Masters.

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