Inviting Quiet

There has been a lot of chatter lately. The kind in my head. The chatter that keeps you unsettled and that offers a sort of nervous energy. It leaves doubts in my brain. It sees the short-comings in others. It makes me sad and anxious and upset.

And yet, when this chatter occurs, I recognize what it is not. It is not Truth. It is not me. It is not you. What it is, is an external energy, maybe originating in our ego or perhaps even originating in our third chakra, the solar plexus.

So today, I seek to balance out what is not with what is. Today I bring Heart into my day. Every time I feel doubtful, anxious, unsettled, I will take a deep breath that rides up from my belly into the top of my lungs, feeling my Heart lift and open, chasing out the negative emotions and taking balance back into my thoughts.

I encourage everyone who is feeling unsettled to recognize that this uneasy feeling is not who you are, and it is not your Truth. Your Truth resides in your breath, so take it in, deeply, for a minute or even two, or perhaps ten. Make it a meditation, if you are still unsettled. With each breath, remember that YOU reside in the Heart.


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