Life is But a Dream, Sweetheart

I have been struggling through Eckhart Tolle’s book, A New Earth. The struggle is not because I don’t get it, at least on some level, but because some of the ideas he presents are so detailed that I get lost in the translation. I have to read a paragraph three times before I truly think I understand his point.

Somewhere, recently, I came across another author’s point of view on a similar topic. It has helped me to have an “ah ha” moment which is helping me understand our purpose for living here and being in the“now.” And that idea is “life is a dream” that our Higher Self is having.

I think when a person dies, passes over, the last breath we take is like the breath before we wake from a dream. And then when we becomeaware of being on the other side, we realize that our time here on Earth was just a dream we played out.

So how does this affect our time on Earth? Well, if life is but a dream, and we can actually manipulate ourselves through this dream, why would we make our lives on Earth so hard? Ah ha.

As I think about my dreaming state, that is, the dreams we have here on Earth, and how I have at times been able to manipulate them (for instance, while dreaming, reminding myself that I am dreaming and it is not “real”) I think, why can’t I apply that to my life?

I am a worrier. My boys are now young men. I am having separation anxiety. I have a hard time trusting them to make their own decisionsand live with the consequences. I am working through “letting go.” I amworking through “it is what it is.” My kids are great kids. I shouldn’t worry. They will figure it all out. They are more mature than I was at their age. They understand life better. So this is all about me and my issues, not them. They are fine.

For today, I am going to trust them. I am going to remember that this life is but a dream. I am going to manipulate my day by living in the moment and talking myself out of the worry mode.

This day is a dream. I am going to MAKE it a great day.

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