Last night, we awoke around 4:00AM to a very powerful storm. The lightning continued on, one strike after another, with no breaks. It was amazing and yet scary at the same time.

Our plants love lightning. It offers the ground natural nutrients like nitrogen for creating stronger, healthier plants.

Lightning works that way with us as well. Those of us who are sensitive to energy will often feel the power of lightning storms in our every fiber. We almost feel like the lightning is moving through us. We can feel jittery and “charged.”

Because lightning is a higher form of energy, it can be a way of breaking new energy through current energy. There is a lot of shifting of energy going on these days. We are moving into higher energy. The month of June is especially important for this shift. I wrote about it a few blogs ago. I believe this storm was instrumental to help us adjust into that higher energy. It was nature’s way of helping us transition.

Today, everything feels lighter. As a storm passes, we can feel as though we have released something heavy. The new energy is lighter than the old energy. Today is a good day for manifesting, as we stay in this lighter energy. So put your wishes out there. Believe in them, and then watch them materialize.

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