Manifesting Our Thoughts

I cannot stop reminding people to watch their thoughts carefully, because we are manifesting our thoughts very rapidly now.

What does this mean – manifesting our thoughts? It means that the thoughts we are having are coming true. So if we have thoughts of good intent, they are happneing, but the same is true of thoughts with bad intent.

I had another example remind me this past week. A friend had borrowed my father in law’s walker for a few weeks. He rarely used it, and he said it would be okay for her to use. As soon as he gave it to her, he worried about his decision. He let it rest for a couple weeks, and then last week, he told Jeff he needed it back. He could be doing some physical therapy with it. I contacted my friend, and she wass ready to go without it, and so Jeff and I had planned to gt it to his dad over the weekend. But unfortunately we procrastinated.

Meanwhile, Jeff’s dad was worrying about getting his walker back. Yes, he is a major worrier. On Saturday morning, he fell twice. He hasn’t fallen for quite some time, but he fell and hit his head, resulting in a big egg on his head. There are two stories out there. One is that he fell out of bed the first time and fell in the bathroom the second time. He doesn’t know how he fell, and apparently he knocked himself out. The story he told me is that he fell out of bed both times. Again, he doesn’t know how he did it. Either way, I think his worrying about having his walker at home again literally knocked him off his feet. He manifested his own falls.

Another example is with my boys. Both of them are looking for jobs in their careers. Clint’s part time job has skiddled down to no hours, and Robbie is working but is very ready to leave his high school job. Meanwhile, we are all worrying about the kids not getting jobs. And that is our problem. We are projecting the wrong result. So last night, I talked about this with Jeff, and I said we need to envision them getting jobs. A couple hours later, Clint heard from his old boss. He can work there, getting close to 40 hours, until his career interests pick up again.

We are manifesting our thoughts, and so I remind you to think pure thoughts. Put your hearts desier out there, because now is the time for action.


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