Meditation and “Me” Time Heals

This has been a challenging week for me. With a sick son and not understanding what he was going through, my free time was taken up with worry about him. Worry about these stomach aches that have been flaring up for him for years, especially at this time of year. Worry about his missing so much work in the past six weeks, due to his stomach issues. Worry that he isn’t motivated enough to follow through with doctor appointments, eating and drinking in healthy moderation, and continuing to stay smoke free. Worry worry worry!

So I took a lesson from my own handbook. I found myself spending more time in meditation these days. I found myself repeating my life mantra each time my thoughts strayed to my worries. And it really does help.

It’s easy to stay grounded and in balance when life is grounded and in balance. The lesson comes when life throws us a curveball. And so I went back to the basics: meditation and “me” time, and got through this latest episode with minimal personal issues.

I am grateful that I have the tools to create a more balanced environment for myself, and I am grateful when I remember to utilize those tools.



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