Winter in Minnesota

I am reminded during the winter time in Minnesota that there are a few things that need to occur to get through the cold winter months.

First, we need to allow our body metabolism to slow down, so we can match the rhythm of the shorter days. We do this by going to bed earlier, by getting up later, by eating our warm meals slower and in smaller quantities. Slowing our bodies down replicates the animal kingdom from which we are descended.

Next, we need to create a space where we can go when we get overwhelmed by the darkness and coldness. Be it a separate place in our home or just a corner chair in our bedroom, we go to that space and read or meditate or just sit in quiet, breathing slowly.

I know several women who are picking up classes this winter: knitting class, teaching class, sharpening their business skills class, etc. Learning something new is a great way to pass the long winters in Minnesota.

But most importantly, we need to gather with friends more frequently, get ourselves out of the house some evenings, just to keep a balance in our lives. A good friend and I plan our weekends around getting out of the house. It usually involves shopping and perhaps a meal. It doesn’t matter if we are going for one item or just looking at something. We see it as a break in the long winter, important to our mental health. I usually plan a day retreat in January for this very reason. It becomes an opportunity to get out and be surrounded by other women doing things for ourselves. (See my Women’s Circles page > regarding this weekend’s Pamper Yourself Retreat and contact me for more information.)

Whether you are one to hunker down for the winter, or you have the need to start a new project, remember that balance is the key. Balance out your alone time with friend time. Balance out your home time with “out and about” time. Balance out your busy time with down time.

It’s all about the balance…

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