It’s Monday morning… again. 🙂  How does the weekend go by so quickly?

I can’t believe, even after being retired from the classroom for now six years, I still get Monday morning jitters. I always feel as though I have to hit the ground running, even though my schedule that I have had for the past five years has not been exactly fast-paced. But there is a revving up of energy as I sit and stare out the window at this beautiful, wet, morning.

As the Monday morning coffee kicks in, my body starts to ached for yoga. My toes stretch out in front of me, I am shifting my spine on the chair, my shoulders twitch. Two days of no yoga does that to me. My body now craves it and seems to feel withdrawal from not practicing daily. I have set my schedule to have rest days, because of the many classes I teach. But I see myself doing some form of stretching each day in my not too distant future. After all, it feels good.

Raising my coffee cup to you, and we’ll see you on the mat!

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