Drumming Circle

Last night I had attended a drumming circle. It had been some time ago that I had attended these, and so it seemed a bit awkward at first for me. I had not brought a drum, and so I hummed to the vibration of the drums.

The intent of the circle was to bring in joy, since the energy lately has been quite intense for most of us. So the drumming allowed us to open our hearts and fill ourselves with music, while lifting our vibration higher. It did accomplish this. By the end of the evening, we were dancing and moving to the beats of the drums. Afterward, our bodies were literally vibrating so much it felt like I would jump out of my skin. It was hard to settle into sleep last night, there was so much energy remaining in my cells.

As I went to sleep, I felt a tapping at my skull. I checked to make sure it was energy for my highest good, and it was, so I allowed the work to be done. Not sure what transpired, but the thought, “Knock knock, wooden head,” went through my mind before I fell asleep! There must be new connections coming my way.

If you are in the presence of a drum, even a kid’s drum, beat it some day and enjoy the sound vibration it creates. If you are outside, watch for animals to join you. It is a whole new, playful experience.

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