More About Our Truth

Last night, as I was preparing to go to bed, some more thoughts on our Truth came to me. I was having a conversation in my head with a friend of mine who is struggling with finding her Truth. (Most of us have had this internal struggle or will have it at one point in our lives.) So the conversation in my head went like this:

Friend: “But I have no idea HOW to find my Truth. What do I do? How can I find it?”
Jill: “The Truth is always with you. It is the most primitive aspect of you. If you dig under the layers of the world you have created, the Truth resides underneath it all.”
Friend: “But I must have built so many layers that I don’t think I will ever arrive at my Truth.”
Jill: “Part of finding your Truth is to expose the layers one at a time. Notice how they have defined you in the past. Accept or reject them, as they are exposed. Are they who you want to be?”
Friend: “But I have no idea who I want to be. I am in a state of limbo.”
Jill: “So look to who you were as a child. What was your heart’s desire at that time?”
Friend: “I loved being out in nature. I loved being in solitude in nature.”
Jill: “So now you are getting at your Truth. Looking at your heart’s desire. Your heart knew your Truth, as a young child.”
Friend: “Knowing that I have always loved nature, and I still do, how does that change me today?”
Jill: “Look at the roadblocks that you have put into your life that take you away from the very thing you love. Look at the job you held for years, your career. You were very unhappy in the job, the entire time I’ve known you. When you went into your field, in college, you saw yourself in nature, but look where you ended up. You sacrificed your Truth at that time.”
Friend: “Well, it’s about the money.”
Jill: “What about the money? If you do what you love, the money will follow. Money is necessary in our lives, but if youa re doing what you were meant to be doing, you’ll say to yourself every day, ‘I can’t believe people pay me to do this! I love it so much.'”
Friend: “But where do I begin?”
Jill: “Look at your hobbies. There is a hobby that you love, that brings you into nature.”
Friend: “Yes, but that hobby cannot sustain me! No one will pay me for doing that hobby!”
Jill: “How do you know that? Have you tried to make money from your hobby?”
Friend: “Well, no, but I’m not that good.”
Jill: “I’ve seen your work. You’re that good.”
Friend: “But the money…”
Jill: “If you don’t compare the money you’ll make to the job that brough you such unhappiness, but instead, compare the money you make to how much it brings in today – zero dollars – you will learn how your income can grow. I started teaching yoga as a community service. And then I made $25 a week from it. It soon grew to $45 a week. And then $75 a week. And it kept growing. I can now live off my income as a yoga teacher. I cannot compare what I make as a yoga teacher to what I made as a public school teacher. There is no comparison. This job fills me with energy, while my job as an elementary teacher drained my energy. You do what you love, and the money will follow.”
Friend: “So I should just go for it?”
Jill: “Yes, but as I said at the start, that is just part of finding your Truth.”
Friend: “What else do I need to find my Truth?”
Jill: “You need faith. And not just faith in yourself, but faith in the Universe.”

To be continued…

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