You Need Faith to Find Your Truth

Many of us will seek and find a fulfilling life without faith. We build a confidence in ourselves, which is necessary when we meet obsticles along our path. We need to be able to move forward through the obstacles and come out whole, on the other side. But if we only seek fulfillment without being in our Truth, we will feel as though there is something more we need to accomplish. We will ask ourselves: “I have everything I need. Why aren’t I happy?”

Faith is the missing component from our lives that feel incomplete.

I want to be very clear about my own belief system. I don’t think one religion has the market on God, and I don’t believe ANY organized religion will bring you closer to God than having a private relationship with God. In other words, in my opinion, whichever path of faith we walk is the path for us, and judging another person’s path of faith only creates problems, as we ┬ásee in the world today.

So we can fulfill all of our expectations, meet all our needs and wants in life, without having faith. Many people do so. But to find our Truth, we need to connect with our belief system that tells us we are much greater than the body we inhabit. We have to believe that with all our heart. Having that belief will get us through the most difficult periods of our lives. In fact, many people moving through difficult times realize their faith and even find their truth during these trying times. It is at those times that we realize that we cannot control the Universe, that we must give up our control to a higher power. We must realize this Earthly aspect of ourselves is just a tiny fraction of WHO WE ARE.

To have faith, we have to let go of the controls when it feels things are getting out of control. We need to feel confident that God will take care of us. Only by recognizing this Truth, can we be in our own Truth. we can let go of that career or aspect of our life that is not bringing us fulfillment and know God is guiding us toward our heart’s desire.

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