I have fallen into a trap of overthinking these days. It has affected both my sleep as well as my hot flashes. It has been triggered by a simple change in my daily schedule and exacerbated by another discovery which I won’t go into.

Overthinking is a mental mind game that can totally drain you. It is when your brain gets into a groove that it cannot get out of. It continually goes back to that thought and picks away at it, but with no understanding for how to solve the issue. Probably, there is no way you can “fix” it.

There are two ways that I have learned to get out of the overthinking trap. The first is to pray. I pray like mad, when I am in an overthinking mode. I pray that my worries are lessened. I pray that God take over them for me. I pray that the person I am worrying about has strong guides around them helping them work through what is worrying me. I pray for the wisdom to know “this too shall pass.”

The other way to work through overthinking is having a direct conversation with ther person you are worrying about. Lay it on the line with them and, without confrontation, let them know what is worrying you. Ask them to explain their position or actions. Hear them out. Let them know your loving concerns, and then be done with it.

I have learned long ago, the hard way, that we cannot control others feeling or actions, we can only control our own feelings and actions. And so we must learn to release that which we cannot control. After doing our part, praying and a loving conversation with the person, we let the rest go. Give it over to God.

I pray for the strength to let go of this issue in a quick manner. Amen

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