Our house is undergoing an interesting transition right now. The older son has graduated from college and is looking for a new job, while the younger son has come home from college and is also looking for a job. Or should I say, they are both looking forĀ perfect jobs.

When the older son neared his graduation date, I sat down with him about his job search. We sorted out which of his two degrees will offer more for pay, and the decision was to look for jobs with that education. His second degree would be the bonus that companies got by hiring him, was our thought. We also discussed his needing to make sure he doesn’t take the first job that presents itself, if it is not at the pay scale he should be receiving for his education. However, if it offers an opportunity for growth right away, it is worth looking into.

The second son has criteria that the job be full time and not be a high school position. He plans to work this year, to save money, and to continue his business degree part time.

Both sons are expecting the perfect job to come around, and I think, in this economy, they might have to settle for a “good enough for now” job.

Most of us seek perfection. We want our lives neat and orderly. We plan our lives like a fairy tale. But that is now how life works. Unexpected illness, a change in relationships, a death in the family, a move to a new city: all these events can ruin our perfect plans.

And yet, what are the moments that define us the most? Unexpected illness, relationship changes, death, moving: these are our defining moments. They will determine who we are.

While perfection is a goal for many, we should not be too hard on ourselves or the events that make our lives less than perfect. They are the moments that will make us stronger and more faithful.

Which part of the perfect world are you ready to give in to, in order to grow stronger and more faithful?

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