Showing Up

I am recalling, this morning, a time in my life when I was so completely confused and knocked down, and I had no where to turn. I had lost my ability to trust a loved one, and it scared me to death. I felt alone in the world. Enter, my best friend. She became my strength, my rational thought, during that time in my life. She was a phone call or a short drive away when I needed someone to be with me. She directed me to the therapist who would help me regain my trust in human kind. She showed up when I needed her.

Another time, when I was very ill, I was actually questioning if I was slowly dying. I was very scared during this dark time in my life. I reached out to my husband and told him that I needed him to be strong for me during this time, as there were moments I couldn’t bear and he would need to bear them for me. He showed up for me.

Another best friend went through a series of family struggles: a mentally ill sister, a physically and emotionally ill mother, a drunken, self-centered father, all relying on her to carry the day. The stress was unbearable for her, and yet she had myself and her network of support showing up and listening to her and just taking her away from that day to day hell whenever she could afford to step out of that reality. We showed up.

The point is, when we are at our low, there are others who will show up for us, and when others are at their low, we show up for them. This is a natural balance in the world. We are drawn to assist others in need, and they do the same. Whether it be the co-worker taking on extra duties, or the sibling sharing the family responsiblities, the friend who sneaks us to a coffee shop for a breather, or the spouse who takes on the added responsibilities around the house. We are inclined to show up for others.

Today, we can watch for the balance of how we show up for one another, and recognize this is in accordance with nature.

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