“Reading” People

Upon first glance, I usually know more about a person than they will EVER tell me. I know what kind of day they are having by the look in their face, the set of their mouth. I can tell what kind of week or month it’s been by the way they carry themselves. And if they look me in the eye, I can see directly into their Soul to know what kind of person they are. Are they honest? Are they sneaky? Can they be trusted? Are they caring? Are they open-hearted?

I’ve always had this ability. When I was a very young child, we had a friend of the family who would come to visit about every 4-6 months. Everyone got so excited about his coming. I would try to catch their enthusiasm, but it was always short-lived. The minute he drove into the driveway, I would get an awful feeling, and I couldn’t wait for him to leave. He was so friendly and funny and everyone laughed the entire time he was here, but I couldn’t help but have a bad feeling about him.

Years later, his second wife had him arrested for sexually molesting their two daughters, and it later came out that he had molested his daughters from a previous marriage as well. In fact, his wife had died in a freak drowning. The oldest daughter had been with her, and she said she couldn’t understand why her mother didn’t make it. In fact, she tried to get her, but she didn’t come. Apparently her shame was too much, knowing what was going on. But she was still a coward, as she left her daughters to be raised by this man.

When my mom told me this news, I was not surprised at all.

There is a political candidate, he runs for president every time the democratic primaries come up. His name is Dennis Kucinich, and he is a congressman from Ohio. I have met him several times. The first time I looked into his eyes, I felt like I was looking into the eyes of Jesus. There is so much love and compassion for others in this man. He has truly left his mark on me, and if he ran for president again, I would still vote for him. Jesus would make a good leader in the US, don’t you think?

Here is a very important point of this blog: we can ALL “read” people. It is a characteristic of being a mammal. Like our animal counterparts, we have this ability to sense good and bad in another human being. Unfortunately for our human species, we THINK we have evolved so much more than our animal friends that we are no longer able to read others. And so we work very hard to collect information on others through their words, their actions, the way they treat others. And that is good. However, all those things are just CONFIRMATION for us, if we begin by just trusting our instincts about them upon meeting them.

Today you will no doubt meet someone new. Take a breath to clear your mind, and notice what you feel when this person enters your space. Are you comfortable in their presence? Notice your heartbeat, and then ask yourself how did it change when they approached you. Notice the way they carry themselves and look at their face for signs of who they are. Finally, if they let you (also a big warning!), look into their eyes and see what is in their Souls. Now hold that information in your heart, and start talking with them. What is confirmed for you? What seems not right at all. (Again, I would suggest that your instinct might be more accurate than what they say, as people often mask their true feelings.) Take the time to study the person, as you build your instinct.

Now here is the tricky part: no matter what you see or feel about the person, try not to be judgmental. It is easy to say, “This feels like a bad person.” But we have no way of knowing what made them that way. We have not walked a mile in their shoes. We have to remind ourselves that this person is also a Spiritual Being having a Human experience. People CAN change. And so if we treat them as a loving person, they will sense that. And if we have tapped into their core of who they are, we may have erased a part of that wall they built up to protect them from whatever evils lurked in their lives.

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