Telling Our Stories

Last night our Women’s Circle offered some powerful healing for us all. We started off with a healing meditation for ourselves, and then we offered a Kundalini healing for others we had set intentions for. And then it was time to share our stories. while the Circle always remains confidential, let me say that last night’s Circle moved us through grief as well as some discoveries about ourselves. It is unfortunate that we ran out of time. I realized when I went to bed that one person did not get the chance to share their story, but I do think Spirit led them to share a different story than the one planned. Everything works out for a reason. The same thing happened to me. If time, I had a different story to share, but through the Circle time, I found myself relating to and sharing a similar story as one of the women there. In fact, we found much common ground within the group last night. We felt like that group was pulled together with some common themes.

It’s all good!

This morning I continue to pray that the women who started their healing last night continue to have lessons revealed to them throughout the next few days.

We ended our class with a powerful chanting meditation. More on that another day…

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