The Busy Brain

Do you ever have a busy brain night? Of course, everyone does. For me, this occurred in the form of dreaming last night. I had a great adventure in my dreams last night. I can’t even remember the cause, but it was a chase. I woke up at 12:30 for my potty break, and I had already been into the dream. It continued on until I woke up again at 6:30. And I dosed until 7:00, still dreaming the adventure, though there was closure for the dream.

Someone once shared that we should not have books in the bedroom, especially near our heads, as they can cause dreams and busy brains while sleeping. I had moved the 4-5 books that had been on my night stand to the window bench for just this reason. But the book I was reading before bed last night stayed on the night stand.

The dream was nothing like the book I was reading, but it was like a novel. In fact, when I woke up, I thought, that would make a great novel. The words from the book on the night stand rearranged themselves into a new story for me.

I was thinking about a friend who recently told me that she has been having trouble sleeping. I know she is a reader. I might have to share this blog with her.

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