The Energy From Monday Night’s Storm

Did you feel it? My goodness, it had me awake most of the night! I was trying to figure out what was going on. I am formulating some ideas.

I’ll back up to where I think the storm’s significance begins. Last night was the first night of the 108 Sun Salutations class. There is a lot of Spirit energy involved in the sun salutations. They are very powerful! The women did a GREAT job, completing 72 series in 45 minutes! I know we were all very tired as we “pushed through” the last three series. A true test of the Goddess energy is perseverance! Afterward, we relaxed with our legs up the wall, letting our bodies and minds recuperate. I carried that energy into the rest of my evening.

From there, I was posting on a political forum that I occasionally post on. I am actually trying to keep myself from posting, because the energy there is so negative and low. But I was drawn there, and made just a couple posts, which amounted to my saying that I have no tolerance for nasty behavior or comments. And I left. Again, I noticed my energy.

And then came the storm. Now, I love storms. I love falling asleep to storms. I love waking up and saying, “aw, it’s storming out, now I can snuggle back into the sheets.” But the energy of last night’s storm did not feel that way for me. It kept waking me up, like a nagging “get up, Jill, get up!” But of course, I wanted to sleep. I was not happy with the storm! The energy was frustrating for me! When my alram went off in the morning, I was feeling annoyed that I had not slept well. As I lay in bed a few minutes, I noticed the energy, and I decided to take it for what it is.

And now, having just completed my first morning yoga class for the day, I continue to have that nagging energy, like a dog nipping at your heels or a mosquito buzzing around your face. Pesty, but I still haven’t been able to put words to it.

So I ask you, how is the energy surrounding the storm affecting you? How was your evening last night, preceding the storm? How is your energy this morning, following the storm? Anyone else feeling this shift in energy today?

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