The Energy of the Full Moon

I was awakened by the energy of the full moon last night. Well, actually, I was awakened by a full bladder, but the energy of the moon kept me awake for a couple hours.

My friend, Laurie Wondra, posted this last night on Facebook, regarding the full moon:

Full Moon October 29 –

October is the month of the Full Hunter’s Moon. This was the time to hunt in preparation for winter. It’s a great time to clean closets, pack away summer items, of course doing fall yardwork outside also. I came home today from Vegas, to a yard filled with Halloween decor – yup, should be an intersting week- I’m very happy to be home as this full moon will again be super charged – emotions may be high and some may be touchy, including your own emotions 🙂

I laughed when I read it, because I asked my husband last night if he was crabby, or if it was me that was crabby. I had a hard time telling. On days like that, I often take a hot shower and then go to the bedroom early. Just pamper myself. Last night was no exception.

By the way, when I asked my husband which of us was crabby, his response was, “Why, do you want to have sex?” I have no idea how he got that idea from my question. Typical male, I guess… 😛

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