The Money Will Follow

The Law of Attraction was a big discussion piece a few years ago. Everyone rushed out to see The Secret and find out what was holding them back from their greatest potential. I actually didn’t see or read The Secret until it was required for one of my yoga training classes. But I was already familiar with the Law of Attraction. I had heard about it from a group of spiritual women I used to meet with on a regular basis, back in the 90s.

So the Law of Attraction simply means that if you put your wish out there to the Universe, state it positively, repeat a mantra that affirms that wish, then the wish will happen. Vision boards are great visuals that can aid us in seeing our wishes come true. Positive affirmations are as well.

Five years ago, a dear friend of mine’s stepmother was diagnosed, for the third time, with breast cancer. My friend loved her stepmother dearly, and she knew that a third round of breast cancer was not a good sign. As we were talking about her emotions, she said she always admired how her stepmother and her girlfriends traveled together. They had traveled to Europe, Central America, and places all around the States. She said to me, “We should do that.” I said, “Okay, let’s do it!” We started to discuss where we would love to go to, and Italy was top of our list. As we talked about it, she said, “I mean it. We really should do this.” I said, “Okay, let’s do it. I’ll call another friend and see if she wants to go to. Maybe we’ll invite our group of friends and see who can come.”

As I hung up the phone, I was thinking, “Okay, Jill, you had better start saving big time, because this trip is coming up in less than a year.” But I was all for it. I knew how important it was for my friend, and I knew it would be a great time. So I put the trip out there: “I am going to Italy next summer with my friends.” The money will follow.

I was running errands that day and didn’t get home until late afternoon. As I walked in the door, I saw an envelope sitting on the counter with my name written on it, in my mom’s handwriting. My husband said that Mom had dropped off the envelope, hoping she could be here when I opened it, and that I should call her as soon as I did. I opened the envelope, and there was a check for enough money to go toward over half my trip expenses! It was part of an inheritance that I had not been expecting. This literally happened just three hours after I had decided to go to Italy with my girlfriends. The Law of the Universe: ask and you shall receive.

Now to say that happened once would be a coincidence, but it actually happened to me for the next two big trips I took. Another aunt gifted me some money which went toward my trip to France and Spain with girlfriends in 2010, and my mother gifted us with money that paid for Jeff and my anniversary trip to England and Scotland. I have a travel pot of money that I have yet to tap into, because I have not needed it yet. The Law of the Universe.

The Law of the Universe requires that you actually BELIEVE that you can attain/do/be whatever your heart desires. The only roadblock is if you doubt it yourself. Remove the doubt, and the Universe provides.

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