The Moon is a Reflection

This morning, I read a passage about how the moon, in all its magnificence in our nighttime sky, is just reflecting the sun. In other words, its brilliance comes from another source. On it’s own, it appears to be a great rock. In the night sky, without the sun to reflect off it, it disappears.

We are like that. We each hold our own special talents and uniquenesses which separate us from the rest of the pack: teacher, banker, scientist, historian, athlete, organizer, healer, etc. We hold characteristics and attributes that differentiate ourselves from others. And we appear to shine on our own merits.

But what if we looked at ourselves as reflecting our talents from a greater source, reflecting our light from a greater light? Those of us on a spiritual journey are reminded that who we are and what we are isa two-fold process. The first is that we have some natural ability toward greatness in one or more areas. The second is that our free will takes us into that exploration, learning and growing even more.

Both natural ability and free will are considered gifts from a greater source, for those of us who follow the spiritual path. For those of us who walk this path, we allow the light from our source of belief to shine upon us, reflecting that light in its magnificence. And so our natural ability, as well as our hard work and effort, shine through us in our own magnificence, which is amplified from our source.

The moon, on its own, hangs in the sky at night, but we would be unaware of it, if not for the light of the sun shining upon it. Like the moon, each of us has greatness, and all we need is a light to reflect it.


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