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I always write my blogs in the morning hours, as I take my first few sips of coffee. (Hence the spelling and grammar errors that I miss when I edit the first time.) The reason I do this is because I am closer to the “in between” world than I will be for the remainder of my day, at least until after I go to bed. Or if I meditate, I might get to that same place, but I usually don’t have time to blog afterward.

And so I use this time to share my deepest thoughts and emotions. Sometimes my thoughts are profound. Sometimes they are sensitive. Sometimes they are ironic. And sometimes they are just, well, mundane. That’s the way it goes. Sometimes there is creativity, sometimes there is not. However, I still try to write something. Just to put pen to paper, so to speak.

There are times when I wake up, and the idea for my blog is right there. I can’t wait to sit down and start typing. My thoughts flow faster than my fingertips. Hence the errors. And there are times that I sit in front of my laptop and nothing comes to me. At all. Those are the days that you don’t hear from me. I rarely write on weekends. If I do post a blog over the weekend, then you know that I was truly inspired and even pushed to write.

I treat my blogs in similar fashion as a journal. There are times when I write that I think to myself, “If I leave nothing else for my kids, at least they will have my blogs and maybe begin to understand me.” LOL, yep, I always chuckle at that thought.

It’s interesting who reads my blogs. Neither of my boys or Jeff read my blogs, though I have invited them to do so. I know my mom discovered my blogs about a year ago, so she on occasion stops by to read them. I think my sisters check in from time to time, especially if I post that I wrote a blog on Facebook. Not sure about anyone else. It really doesn’t matter. For me, the main thing is that I wrote my thoughts down.

I have written on some pretty controversial issues in the past. Dig through my blogs near the start and read about my views on abortion and when the human spirit enters the body to make the baby a human spirit. It may shock or even upset you, but it is how I have come to understand the issue of abortion and “killing innocent babies.” I actually have some personal memories of being in the womb, and if you are curious about that, start digging through my blogs. I have written one or two of them on the subject.

Sometimes my blogs are raw emotion. Raising teen boys was very challenging for me at times, and many blogs were written as I struggled to let go of my control over them. And making the decision to leave a career after 20 years was tough for me and my husband, and I blogged about that in those early days of change as well.

I love it when I get a response back from someone that a particular blog was particularly familiar to them. They could relate to my perspective and maybe even shared it. If even one blog does that, then I feel like there has been some success.

Most bloggers count their views and consider the number of people stopping by as successful. In this regard, I am happy that I have anywhere from 1-50 viewers a day. But for me, telling my story and having confirmation from others is my mark of success. And when my friends post blogs, I make sure to read theirs as well. I know the courage it takes to put your thoughts down and then tell the world to read them.

Wishing you a great morning of contemplation and telling your story!

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