The Spokes of the Wheel

Many of us in the spiritual community will talk about our existence being like the spokes on a wheel. We are each unique, and yet we are connected to one another by our Source/God.

In today’s daily inspiration, I read a neat little twist to this which I thought I would share. In the wheel, the outer rim is our community, our family, and our friends. We are the individual, unique spokes, and our God-connection, that which connects us all, is the center of the wheel.

We can think of our spoke as the timeline of our life. We live our first part of our life closer to the outer edge of the wheel, building our relationships with others and basically building what makes us unique. But as we age and develop more awareness, we find ourselves connecting more with the inner spoke of the wheel, that which is closer to God. we start to realize that, though we are unique in so many ways, we are also so much the same. We share so many of the same fears and disappointments, as well as the love and comfort of those who lift us up.

When I visit my father-in-law in the hospital (he spends a quite a bit of time there, now that he is older), he occasionally has a roommate. I always enjoy his having a roommate. It gives us another person to visit with. Another family to talk with. We find ourselves sharing stories. I am always in awe of the similarities of the stories of these elders. It’s not that they are not unique. It’s just that they are not so different.

When I get together with others who enjoy exploring their spiritual side, we share so many common beliefs. We may come from different religious backgrounds. We may practice our faith differently. But we all share that common yearning to know God in an even stronger way. We are all open toward a new way of knowing God.

We are unique, and yet we are very much the same. Lots to think about today…

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