Waiting For This Energy To Pass

It seems like the past week has dealt us with some very strong energy. There are many people who are very sick with flus, colds, and respiratory problems. My husband even reported to me last night that there is strain of a bug going around that has people feeling like they are having a heart attack. Meanwhile, muscle and tendon issues of carpel tunnel and acute plantar fasciitis and severe joint pain have been reported to me. And those are just the physical symptoms I’ve been hearing about.

There are also the emotional energies that are causing havoc. I wrote last week about my own feeling of being out of balance. And it seems this energy is continuing on this week. As soon as I start to feel an emotional swing toward anxiety and worry, I remind myself to take a few deep breaths and then recite a mantra that I adopted for myself a couple years ago. I envision myself living this mantra, and that seems to help me get through those anxious moments.

Have you selected a mantra for yourself that is calming and maybe still gives you some direction? If not, perhaps now is a good time to do so. Envision what you want in your life, and imagine that it is already there. Start off your mantra with “I AM” to remind yourself that your desires are already with you, and you just need to slide yourself into them.

When you are feeling sick or anxious, just take a few deep breaths and then recite your mantra until the energy passes from this moment. Sometimes, it takes me just 3-4 repetitons, sometimes, I have to say it 20 times. I just keep saying my mantra until the energy passes.


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