What Would __________ Do?

I was reading my daily inspiration this morning, and the words above came to mind. for many of us who have been raised in the Christian faith, these words are asked of us, for us to determine our next action. We are encouraged to live a life like Jesus. But is this really how we will be judged by God? When we pass through the pearly gates, will God compare us to Jesus? Would that really even be fair? I mean, he was the Son of God. One of the Masters who walked this Earth.

No, instead, we will be judged for not being us. I will be judged if I am not living my Truth of who Jill is. If I am trying to be someone else, then I am not in my Truth.

There have been times in my life, many times, in fact, that I have strayed away from my Truth. I still do. I think we do that when we label ourselves. Labels are very confining and limiting for us. They do not express who we REALLY are, because they include other aspects of our uniqueness. Yes, I am a yoga teacher, but I am more, much more.

Sometimes I think I need to DO more to release me from my labels. My smaller label is Yoga Teacher, but I recognized the pitfalls of that label way back when I started my company, Jill Sand Consulting. I recognized the need to keep my label broad because I didn’t know how my career would flow, once I let go of being labeled an Elementary Teacher. I have further defined myself since that day 6+ years ago, calling myself a Women’s Wellness Consultant. This label limits me from some things, but it allows me to be more than a Yoga Teacher. I can be Women’s Circle Facilitator. I can be a Workshop Leader. I can be a Wellness Speaker. But the label does not include men, and so, I am limited. Hmmm…

Today, I will think about who I am and my labels. Are they keeping me from bring in my own Truth?

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