World Peace Day

Tomorrow, September 21, is World Peace Day. What would you do for peace in the world?

In 2011, my goal was to gather women to figure out a way to bring peace into the world. We determined that protests wouldn’t work, as we examined where the 60s got us. We determined that letters to the editor and writing about peace wouldn’t work. It had been done, and yet our world was still in chaos.

We decided that we would bring peace to our own hearts, and hope for the ripple effect. We knew that, if we approached every moment (a lofty goal, for sure) with peaceful intent, that peace would be felt by others around us, and they would take in that peace and share it with those they came in contact with.

So my question to you, today, is: do you have peace in your heart?

Can you live a life of peace, despite what is happening in the world? Despite what is happening at work? Despite what is happening in your city and community and social group?

How do we bring peace into our hearts? We connect with our breath, that breath that we use in yoga that starts in the belly and fills the lungs from the bottom to top, and then expels the breath from the top down. Finding 4-6 of these breaths will calm our bodies. We can share this breath with others who are feeling stressed. In fact, we can breathe with them, making the breath a shared one. We can share it with our students and family and friends.

If you want my assistance with your breathing, I have made a video, Yoga Breathing, found over in Videos By Jill >> which can assist you. It takes about ten minutes.

Be the peace. Devote tomorrow to being a peaceful day.


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