A Great Channel Session… Part 2

The second person to appear at my reading was a surprise to me – my dad! I had had a reading 12 or so years ago, with Dad showing up at that time. It had been very emotional, as I was going through an emotional period of my life then. So I was surpirsed and pleased to have him back again. He first wanted to confirm something. he shared some information about his relationship with my mom, which I had heard my sisters discuss over the years. (I was just 8 when my dad died and do not have many memories of their relationship, to be honest.) He said that he and mom had a kind of bickering relationship, but he wanted us to know that it was a loving relationship for the both of them. That is confirmation for a few interesting discussions my sisters and I have had over the past year or so (at least, interesting, from my perspective). He also made it very clear that he wanted me to deliver a hug to my mom. I talked with her on the phone yesterday and explained that he wanted me to do this. She is a very big skeptic, but before we hung up, she reminded me that I owed her that hug from my dad. lol

Dad also spoke at length about my older brother, whose son has leukemia. I am not going to share that publically, as the message was very personal. But I will say that he wanted my brother to know everything is going to be fine for the family.

Dad mentioned that he misses my contacts  with him. Over the years, I had stopped communicating with him as much. I figured he is quite busy with his work on the Other Side, and he confirmed that, but he says there is always time for me. LOL He shared that he loves me very much. <<heart>>

He said that everyone else in the family is doing well, so he had no messages for them at this time.

I know I am missing some information, and if it comes to me, I will share it later.

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