A Great Channel Session… Part 1

On Saturday, a friend of mine and I got a chance to go see a channeler who gave us each a reading. It was a wonderful experience, and I’d love to share parts of my reading with you.

Those of you who have come to know me better know that I am the kind of person who gets an idea and “plants the seed,” allowing it to germinate, sometimes for years. For instance, holding yoga classes and women’s circles in my home was an idea that I shared with my husband 11-12 years ago, which at that time, he was dead set against. Fortunately, he is now really supportive and likes the idea that I can run a business from home. (That germination time is not always for my own needs but for the needs of others.)

So an idea that I held in my heart for about six years, sharing with my friend about 4 years ago, and then saying it aloud to Jeff this past week, has been another seed in germination. I decided I needed some council on it, and thus sought out Laurie, who had given another friend a very accurate reading before the holidays. I wanted to see if my seed had any merit.

The reading began with a tall Native American man coming to my right and behind me. He was described as very serious. I have felt his energy in my life often, but as most of you know, I can’t usually see people from the Other Side. This man is part of my life because I play a very important role in spreading the word about how we can all help the future of mankind. There is an urgency in this regard, and he is literally waiting for me to make my next move. That brings us back to the seed that was planted several years ago.

So what is this seed? Years ago, I saw myself hosting a radio program that discusses our world and the role of our Spirit in this world. I am still not able to truly define the mission of the program (I am working on that now), but it would be like a continuation of our women’s circles but on a larger scale.

As I shared this with Laurie and my friend, my Native guide, Armen??, asked me what is holding me back. When I said it takes me awhile to germinate seeds, he showed Laurie an image of a field that was ready for harvest. In other words, I have germinated the seed, the plants have grow abundantly, and it is time to harvest. And much to my surprise, and a bit of dismay, the time is NOW. In fact, the timeline that was set before me is that I would define my mission by the new moon, and that the harvesting would occur with the spring equinox. March 21-22. Gulp! That is a lot to take in, for such a short time period. But again, there is urgency.

So to answer the question, what is holding me back: I am held back because I need to make a connection with someone in radio who can help me get this project going. Do any of you have a connection for me??? Please let me know, if you do!

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