A Great Channel Session… Part 4

Probably the most interesting part of the reading came toward the end. It was interesting for myself, as well as for Laurie, because it took her to a spiritual realm that she had not been to before.

I wasn’t even sure how to approach the subject, as it is pretty controversial, but I felt the energy of Souls from another planet around me at times, and I feel a connection to that energy. I had been discussing UFOs with Jeff recently, as we had seen a couple of them together, and while he is a skeptic, he can’t deny what he saw. So as I brought up planetary helpers (a term I’ve heard applied to them), Laurie’s eyes lit up (and looked up). There appeared three very large Souls behind me. They said the closest term that we might be familiar with that applies to their role is priests and priestess. They have been visiting me (I have not seen them or felt like I’ve had contact) and sometimes doing work on my DNL (Laurie said that, though I wondered if she meant DNA) in preparation for their contact with Earth. They showed her an image of the White House, and said that they have tried to make contact but so far have been denied that contact. They are Souls of a very high vibration (closer to God) than any I was aware of. Laurie said that they wer of the 12th or 14th dimension (I had only ever accounted for 12 dimensions, so this was news to me). For novices, we say that people are 3 dimensional, but in truth, because of our emotions and feelings, we are 4 dimensional, and we are heading toward being 5 dimensional. The 2012 prophecy is not about the end of the world, but about the end of the world, as we know it. we will be lifting the dimensional energy of the planet at that time. (Oh boy, I just got the message for my radio program… big goose bumps of confirmation.) Another topic, another time!

So these beings are of a much higher vibration than us, and they are not only assisting our planet, but many others that are having a similar shift. Wow! This is going to be so cool, people! They are working with people such as myself (we have to give them permission to work with us) and encoding much information into us that we will be sharing with others.

So these Beings are there to assist me as I share with those willing to hear their message of hope and love for all Beings. I am overcome with emotion right now, so I will stop here. But I will probably share more soon.

Peace, Jill

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