Making things happen vs. letting things happen…

So I have done a lot of thinking about the channeling session over a week ago. there was a message of urgency regarding getting the next leg of my business started. My friends have been so helpful, giving me many directions for which to go. Some have resonated for me, others have not,  but all ideas are welcome!

One of the thoughts that I continue to struggle with is “making” things happen vs. “letting” things happen. I have found that Spirit is my leader when I let things happen, and it feels like my ego is in control when I make things happen. I seem to have more “flow” in my life as Spirit leads me, while my ego has to undergo a lot of stress when I take control of the wheel.

A few weeks ago, I told my desire to have a radio program to Jeff. He is my barometer for when the time is right (or wrong). He said to go ahead. It was the next progression for Jill Sand Consulting. When I went to see Laurie, Spirit said, “what are you waiting for?” as in, you got the okay from the boss, so you know the time is right. As I said, there is an urgency coming from the other side, and an actual short time frame was given. So I put my request for radio knowledge out there, and so many people have connections and insights! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

And then ego decided to take over. I have been investigating radio vs podcasting, how to create podcasts, etc. And that keeps bringing me to a dead end. Guess that is not the direction I am supposed to turn to. And this is supposed to be my time for coming up with a clear vision of what the radio program will be, and that has not happened.

So once again, I will let my ego take the back seat. If Spirit feels an urgency, I will get information that I need to move in the right direction. Once again, I am open to the Universe to provide me with the tools and knowledge that continue to guide me through my life.

It’s all good, people! It’s all good!

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