A Great Circle Last Night!

Last night’s Circle brought Laurie Wondra back so we could talk with our angels, guides, and loved ones. It was such a powerful night, and the energy was so strong! We were all feeling a little sleepy by the end of the Circle.

Since Circles are built around the concept of confidentiality, I will only share my own experience. I continue to get the message of doing healing work with clients. Archangel Raphael is helping me in this endeavor and says that I should look toward incorporating more healing work into my practice. He also mentioned the meditation classes going on in the studio and acknowledged those.

Right now, I have a question that I should have asked last night. It didn’t come to me then, but it comes to mind every now and then. My question, with great respect to the angels and other angelic beings who are present at these events: Does God ever communicate with us? Do we ever hear the words of God, or are the words always coming from our angels? Does God communicate with anyone?

I will look forward to a response in the next day or two.


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