A True Honor

Many years ago, over ten I am sure, I was contemplating getting ordained as a minister through a woman who is a great spiritual channel. She was offering about a year’s coursework, and then you would receive your ordination. I turned it down at the time because I was busy working and raising two kids. The time would be too consuming for me. But the idea stuck in my head.

About three years ago, I was speaking with a fellow fitness teacher at a club ┬áteach at, and she was telling me that she was marrying a couple that weekend. I had no idea that she was an ordained minister, and she shared that she had done it online a few years prior but hadn’t done much with it up to that point, being busy with her kids.

Last month, I was contacted by a friend who was planning to marry in January of 2014. She asked me if I was ordained or if I would get ordained, as she and her fiance would like me to say their wedding ceremony. I was honored and said that I would definitely think about it. I knew I could get ordained through the internet, but that is about all I knew.

Then yesterday morning this friend left me another message saying she and her husband had decided to get married this January instead of the next Janaury. She had gone online to find out what it would take for me to get ordained, and she shared that information with me.

As a procrastinator, I am known to put things off until I absolutely need to deal with them. I always have many projects and plans going on at one time, and so my time gets scattered in several directions. But with the immediacy of their wedding, yesterday I went online and received certification as an ordained minister through the Universal Life Church Monastery. As soon as my certificate arrives, I will take it to the courthouse to be recognized by the state of Minnesota as an officiate.

I continue to feel so honored to have been asked to officiate at this wedding of my friend. They are definitely ready for some happiness in their family right now.

For this, I am thankful.

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